Work It

January 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

Steve gets a subscription to Runner’s World magazine. I like to peruse through it, just to see if anything suits my fancy. Oftentimes, I’ll find a running workout that will help me mix up my training, or get me out of a rut of boredom with my workouts.

February’s issue arrived in the mail last week, and has an article on CrossFit Endurance that interested me. However, when I paged to the article, I was taken aback. Look at the pictures from the article below. While they have a male and female model showing all the different exercises, the woman’s face is never shown. The closest we get to seeing her face is a profile angle. Yet, the man’s face is in plain view for almost every shot, and if it’s not, we at least get a couple complete profile shots (without his arms in front of his face). This is clearly intentional (and objectifying the woman’s body in a way it’s not normally objectified—for strength, rather than only sex), and makes me question the reasoning behind the framing of the photographs.

What in the world?


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