Man Up

January 10, 2012 § 2 Comments

Last week, when Charles Barkley was on SNL, I was suddenly struck by how many weight loss programs are currently marketing to men. From Charles Barkley with Weight Watchers to Terry Bradshaw with NutriSystem to Jason Alexander with Jenny, male celebrities are “manning up” and losing the weight with public accountability. And (with the exception of Jason Alexander), former athletes—men who at one point embodied pure manliness—are the ones promoting these products. In addition to the weight loss programs, Dr. Pepper 10 has decided to market “10 manly calories” in their drink only for men. It’s an interesting trend. I’ll be curious to see how many men will be persuaded by these advertisements.


§ 2 Responses to Man Up

  • bhurst says:

    does this mean men are becoming more girly?

    • Could be. Or perhaps we are continuing to blend the lines between the genders and what it means to be “male” or “female” or “manly” vs. “feminine”? The Miller Light commercials making fun of “un-manly” things guys do seem to be attempting to combat the blending of gender identities. Oh, postmodernism, is it a losing battle for modernists?

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