What I miss…What I love

February 16, 2012 § 2 Comments

As we find ourselves in the middle of February, we’ve been noticing we’re getting homesick from time to time. So, I’ve compiled a list of things I miss about SoCal, and things I love about living in SLC. Of course, I’m sure I’ve missed something, so I’ll likely add to it as I think of them.

Things I miss about living in SoCal (in no particular order):

  • Our friends. After college graduation, so many of our good friends stayed close, mostly within the same city. I also had some great friends I made from working at Mariners. We didn’t realize how special that situation was until we moved away from it.
  • Family. We used to live 3 hours away from Steve’s immediate family, and minutes away from extended family. Now we’re 10-12 hours away from them. But we did move a bit closer to my family…(now it only takes 2 days of driving instead of 3!)
  • Back Bay. We lived half a mile from Back Bay, a 10-mile loop around a bay where we would run, walk, bike, without having to wait for stoplights. It was great for every day runs, and it also was great for half marathon and marathon training. And the sunrises and sunsets are beautiful there, too.
  • Warm weather. There is something to be said about getting up at 5:30am to go running in the dark, but not having to wear a ton of clothes to stay warm. It was easier to get up and run when it was warmer. :)
  • Close proximity to EVERYTHING. We lived close to Disneyland, multiple airports, multiple sporting venues, San Diego, Los Angeles, the beach, Hollywood…
  • Our church. Steve and I had just found a church service that we really enjoyed, and then we moved. We have yet to find a church in SLC that we love as much.
  • Being tan year-round. I am getting so pale living here in SLC. However, my skin probably appreciates it.

Things I love about living in Salt Lake City (in no particular order):

  • Big city with a small town feel. I get to live in a “big city” without all the crowds and congestion. We are close to the airport, and minutes from professional basketball games, have access to fantastic healthcare, and have great restaurant choices.
  • Outdoor life. This could really be three or four points, as there is so much diversity as to what we can do outside. We are 10 minutes away from great hikes that overlook the city and 30 minutes away from other hikes and great skiing. We have picked up snowshoeing. The people here embrace the outdoors all year, and it is inspiring.
  • Seasons. While I definitely will never complain about the weather in SoCal, there is something to be said about experiencing the beautiful fall colors, and I hear the mountains are filled with wildflowers in the spring.
  • We live next to a MOUNTAIN. We live at the foothills of the Wasatch Front, which is just plain awesome. Every time I’m driving and I see them, I think “Wow! I can’t believe I live this close to mountains!”
  • New friends. Besides my classmates and Steve’s coworkers, we’ve also made good friends with a couple of our neighbors, and I cannot begin to say how grateful we are for their friendship. In addition to the crazy coincidence that we were married on the same day, same year (yes, it’s true, within a half hour of each other), we all get along so well, and have a ton of fun together.
  • Park City. This is a pretty cool place. It’s got the 2002 Olympic Museum, Sundance Film Festival, and, most importantly, a J Crew outlet.
  • The U. While it definitely stresses me out on a regular basis, it is still the reason that brought us here in the first place. It is an amazing opportunity to be a fully-funded graduate student, and to have my life devoted to following my dream of becoming a professor and better scholar. I am acutely aware of how fortunate I am.

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