true love

April 1, 2012 § 3 Comments

Let me begin by admitting this post is well over due, and definitely a little late…by about a month and a half. With that said, this is a story about true love. This year, as usual, I had class on Valentine’s Day. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve either taught or had class on Valentine’s day for the last five years, so this was nothing new.

Steve and I never really celebrate Valentine’s Day (I know, *gasp!*…it’s that whole tension between the commodification of “love” and still being a great reminder to be vocal about how much you care for each other), but he has surprised me occasionally with chocolate fondue and fruit waiting for me when I return home. This year, when I arrived home from class, Steve told me he had bought me a present, but that I had to go downstairs to see it. Of course, I immediately scolded him, because we have never exchanged gifts on Valentine’s Day in our married life, so I did not have a gift for him. After telling me it was not a big deal, he brought me downstairs to reveal MY BRAND NEW DESK! It was a desk from Ikea that I had been coveting for about six months or so, and was hoping we could purchase over the summer. Not only had he bought the desk a few weeks before during my night class, he had completely rearranged the room to the way I wanted it once I had the desk.

I was so excited, humbled and touched by his Valentine’s Day gift. While I know many people received flowers, jewelry and chocolate, I got exactly what I wanted: an amazing work space for my studies. And, through the gift of this desk, Steve was underlining what I already knew—that he supports me in my scholarly pursuits and life goals. What could better embody the intended purpose behind Valentine’s Day?


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