Weekend Adventures

May 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

This past weekend, Steve and I were looking for something new to do, so we decided to check out the Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve, where a couple of our friends had gone in the fall. I enjoyed reading her blog about it, so I thought we might want to check it out ourselves.

It’s about forty minutes away, and a home to many migratory birds. The structures for shade and bird viewing are very unique, and Steve teased me for taking so many pictures of them. He brought his binoculars so he could look for birds, taking after his grandfather. Unfortunately, there weren’t many birds while we were there, but based on some of the educational displays, it seems like July and August might be a good time to return. There is a mile-long boardwalk riddled with facts about the birds that make the preserve their home during migration, benches, and a viewing tower. While there were many signs talking about the smell (which accompanies most marsh-like places), we didn’t experience any odors, and just enjoyed our time in the sun. When we return to visit, I’d like to go around sunset, when I’m sure the colors are more vibrant and the sun is less harsh. (We might need bug spray at that time of day, though.)

On Sunday, we planned to go on a hike to Ensign Peak with our neighbors, a hike that is behind the capitol building with a view of the valley. We’d been talking about taking the hike for a while, and we finally landed on a day. When we scheduled it, we hadn’t realized it was also the night of the solar eclipse. While the eclipse meant there were many more people on the hike and at the top of the peak (the hike is about 0.86 miles round trip, so it’s quite accessible), it also meant there were more people there to share their eclipse-viewing equipment with us. One group showed us how to view the eclipse through a CD (by looking through the words on the CD, which showed three eclipses). Another group was using binoculars and pointing them at cardboard to view. Some people had the actual made-for-viewing-eclipses sheets, while others had welding masks. Everyone was pretty excited about the eclipse and was ready to share their versions of viewing it. Besides seeing the different versions of the eclipse, we also got a great view of the city. It was a great ending to the weekend, and we could now add two new activities to our adventures in Utah.


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