A New Homepage for FM

June 20, 2012 § 5 Comments

As I think I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been working in Facilities Management (FM) at the University of Utah this year as a communications specialist of sorts. It’s been an interesting year, as they initially¬†explained my job was to “help them communicate better.” Nothing like the vaguest job description ever. I asked if they wanted internal or external communication help? They wanted both.

So, I got to work on trying to improve construction signage, perhaps using QR codes so that people can find out more information about the project. I ran into many walls, as there is no real process in place for construction signage, and trying to get it in place is nearly impossible.

Then, at the end of 2011, I was charged with forming a “Resource Team,” a team of staff who would meet twice a month to discuss ways to help FM communicate better. While the overall goal was still a bit vague, I actually had one concrete job: leading a Resource Team! In our initial meeting in January, it became clear that the website needed some updating, and would be a great place to start. We talked about the information on the site, audiences, organization, graphics, etc. We had two I.T. staff serving as website advisors, explaining to us the limitations of the website and the possible steps we could take to revamp it. After over 5 months of meetings, and two meetings with the directors, I’m excited to announce that the new homepage is LIVE!

Here is the former homepage (quite verbose. Click to enlarge):

And here is the NEW homepage (bigger graphics, fewer words. Click to visit site):

I’m extremely happy with the new, simpler homepage and the rotating graphics. And, as a Type A, list-maker, I’m excited to leave FM with something concrete I can say I helped accomplish.


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