Olympic Letdowns

July 30, 2012 § 4 Comments

Many of you might already be aware that the Olympics coverage by NBC has been a source of controversy for many people, perhaps yourselves included. In fact, after one journalist complained about the network’s coverage of the events, his Twitter account suspended. Well, it’s my turn to join the conversation. Here are my main “beefs” with the Olympic coverage this year:

1. Tape delaying in the internet age. Let’s face it, NBC and other media outlets have to make a choice: tape delay and don’t show us the results every time we pull up our internet browsers during the day to surf the web OR don’t tape delay and let everything happen live. The problem right now is that we are not able to watch the events until primetime, yet if we log on to the websites of NBC, Yahoo, ESPN, etc., we don’t even get a “spoiler alert” warning, we’re just told the results. Oh, boy, now I can’t wait to watch tonight when I already know what happens. A bit anti-climatic.

Something that made me and Steve chuckle was CNN’s homepage article about this very issue, yet look at what the article below is about (don’t even get me started on why they may have chosen a picture of a female volleyball player diving toward the camera…). A bit ironic, eh?


2. Poor live coverage. NBC advertises that you can stream their coverage LIVE throughout the day on your mobile device or computer. What they don’t tell you is that you have to be a customer of a cable network. Why a basic cable channel (read: FREE if you have antennas) says you can only stream live if you have a cable subscription is outrageous. I remember streaming events live on my computer during the 2008 games, but it’s not possible this year, as we don’t have cable, but only internet. What a racket. It is such a tease to have NBC advertise on TV and online that I can watch it live, only to discover I cannot. However I can read about the results and then watch the events tape delayed that night…

3. The Phelps-Lochte controversy. The media is making way too much out of the Phelps-Lochte competition. Let’s just get it out now: Phelps didn’t train as hard for these Olympics, and frankly seems over it, and Lochte is not Phelps, so let’s move on. They are both doing phenomenally well, and a silver medal is still amazing. It means one is second in the WORLD.

Ok, I’m done for now. Enjoy watching the Olympics tonight, even if you already saw how the men’s gymnastics team and Lochte do.


§ 4 Responses to Olympic Letdowns

  • MaryEllen says:

    I love the Olympics! I wait for them, I plan my evenings around the coverage. This year is a letdown for me. It’s like a train wreck… when the news announcer says “spoiler alert! Look away if you don’t want to know who wins”… I look. Every time. So, the O are not as much fun for me this year. Boo hoo. :(

  • Here is what bugs me…

    • trying too hard to make a magical story out of the american athletes already expected to do well

    • they pretty much only show swimming, track, and little bit of volleyball.

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