Looking Back: Seven Things I Learned when I was Pregnant

March 9, 2013 § 2 Comments

Ok. It’s been a while since my last post. A long while. Over 5 months, to be exact. Oops! I had a pretty busy semester, filled with preparing for a baby as well as doing coursework, and a few other exiting things, that hopefully I’ll be sharing with you soon. In the meantime, I figure my first post of 2013 should relate to the most exciting and recent development in my life: our new baby girl, Evelyn. Here are some take-aways I have from being pregnant. Some musings, if you will…

preggo pic1. Maternity pants are actually comfortable. Amazingly comfortable. I was resistant to maternity pants because they just looked uncomfortable, like I’d have to be constantly pulling them up. However, once my regular jeans and a belly band were just too uncomfortable, I decided to try preggo jeans and I was pleasantly surprised—to the point of actually considering never wearing regular jeans again :)

2. Women will insist you cut ahead of them in public restroom lines, but they don’t let you cut if you have children. I was really surprised by this. When I was traveling in the fall, women in airports consistently insisted I go ahead of them in line because I was pregnant. It was awesome. However, I also noticed that many women had disdain for women with small children, which I found ironic. What do they think happens after pregnancy?

3. You stop shedding hair. This one really surprised me. My hairdresser had warned me about this, explaining that the pregnancy hormones might cause me to not shed hair like we all do on a regular basis. My hair got super thick and took forever to blow dry as my pregnancy went on. And now I’ll be interested (and probably somewhat terrified!) to now deal with the massive hair loss.

4. Months are not four weeks. In the beginning, I started counting months in four-week increments. However, with the help of the book What to Expect, and a little common sense, I soon realized that months are about four weeks and three days. Therefore, 12 weeks is not 3 months, 20 weeks is not 5 months, 32 weeks is not 8 months. I think the most discouraging thing would be to think I was 8 months pregnant and still had 8 weeks to go! Think of it this way: if a month was four weeks long, there would be 13 months in a year.

5. Even if you don’t feel sick or uncomfortable, take advantage of being pregnant when it comes to your spouse, because after the baby’s born, you’ll both be tired. Reeeeeeeally tired. I had a great pregnancy: no morning sickness, exercised the whole time (running regularly until 37 weeks), no real discomfort. As a result, I was very independent, and never took advantage of the whole “I’m pregnant, so could you…” This was not smart. Now that Evelyn’s here, both Steve and I are tired. Next time around, I will milk it for all it’s worth :)

6. Everyone has an opinion. And they don’t stop sharing them with you once you’ve delivered. When I was pregnant, opinions ranged across a variety of topics: from what I should or should not be eating to anger that I wouldn’t tell strangers the name we had chosen. (You wouldn’t believe how many people would say, “But I don’t really know you. Who am I going to tell?” Ummm. Exactly. You don’t know me.) But my FAVORITE one, the one that doesn’t stop after the baby is born, goes like this, “Well, when I was pregnant (had a newborn, etc.), I didn’t do that, and my kids turned out fine.” Ugh.

7. Plan on going all the way to your due date…and possibly longer. In our childbirth class, they told us that due dates should be viewed as “due estimates,” since it’s possible that a woman could go into labor within weeks of her due date—on both sides of the due date. I took this advice, and told myself I’d be pregnant until at least February 3 (my due date). However, when I had a “false alarm” two weeks early, all bets were off, and I became super impatient. I’d lost my mental strength and just wanted Evelyn NOW. She still did come early…by 3 hours and 29 minutes :)

Well, that’s it for now. Hopefully I’ll be better about posting, especially fun pics of our new adventures with Evelyn.


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