Hi. I’m Megan. I’m married to a pretty fantastic guy named Steve. I’m currently a communication PhD candidate at the University of Utah. I like to run, travel, read, write, sew, hang out with friends, and dance. Oh, and I guess I like to communicate, too.

One of my friends suggested I start a blog when I moved to Utah. (He’s a great designer with a fabulous blog of his own. Check it out) I took his suggestion as a compliment, but didn’t seriously consider it. First of all, who would want to read what I have to say? Second, what do I have to say? After a semester of living in Salt Lake City, immersed in many new cultures—those of SLC, a graduate communication program at the U of U, my husband’s new school—I’ve found myself wanting to share thoughts that don’t fit in a paper for a class, on Facebook or on Twitter. So here I am, starting my own blog.


§ 3 Responses to About

  • Belle Davis says:

    I like it! I’ve always wondered about a Blog and how they work so this will be interesting following you! I agree with your opinion of Best Buy and the Santa commercials, I thought they were also rude.

    I enjoyed your thoughts on the new “Smart is Sexy” campaign, mostly because smart is the best thing I have going for me right now! Not a pity party, just reality!

    Blog on,


  • Mary Ellen says:

    I am SO following you!!! :)

  • Diane says:

    This was fun to read, Megan! I will enjoy following your blog! Like Belle, I’ve always blogs have intrigued me, so I’ll learn by reading yours…..and of course be so very proud of you, my very smart daughter!

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